Златан Ибрагимович о своем будущем: "Без комментариев"

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Нападающий "ПСЖ" Златан Ибрагимович отказался говорить на тему своего будущего. 34-летний швед ответил на вопросы подписчиков в Instagram, один из которых попросил футболиста рассказать, где футболист продолжит карьеру. Форвард написал: "Без комментариев". Напомним, у Ибрагимовича летом истекает срок действия контракта с "ПСЖ". Ранее появилась информация об интересе к шведу со стороны ряда английских клубов и "Милана".


Q: Today, PSG faces newcomer GFC Ajaccio. The clubs have met just once before in Ligue 1, in the second round of this season, and PSG won 2-0. What are your thoughts about the match? Zlatan: Play and have fun. Q: In the only match between the two teams Blaise Matuidi and Thiago Silva scored the PSG goals, which means that GFC Ajaccio is one of the few Ligue 1 teams you haven’t scored against. How does this affect your motivation to get on the scoring sheet today? Zlatan: It doesn’t affect me at all. I get out there with the same purpose as always, and that’s to score goals. Q: After 1-0 at Santiago Bernab?u this week, Real Madrid eliminated Manchester City, who eliminated PSG from the Champions League. Pure speculation, but would PSG have fared better against the Spanish all-star team? Zlatan: Hard to say, going out against City is still a disappointment. Q: You have been superior practically the whole season, and just one point in the match against Ajaccio means that PSG has performed the best season ever in Ligue 1 points-wise. How does it affect your motivation that you are so superior in the league? Zlatan: We knew we were best, but then you need to bring it on the pitch – which we did, and still do. Q: Prior to the match against Rennes, you said that you have a lot to think about before next season, not only where you will play... Can you give us any clue to what Zlatan’s future is? Zlatan: No comment

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